Barcelona didn’t penetrate Galatasaray 0-0.

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Barcelona are not sharp enough to be able to open the nest to draw with Galatasaray 0-0 in the Europa League round of 16 first leg.

At Camp Nou, it’s the Europa League Round of 16 first leg football game. Until the 27th minute Barcelona had a golden opportunity from a hopeful free-kick. Memphis Depay spun over the wall but was saved Inaki Pena swept away one hand.

Galatasaray had a chance in the 37th minute Kerem Akturkkoglu. Drag himself to the left before cutting into the shot. But block Jordi Alba over the crossbar a little.

At the end of the first half in the 41st minute. Azul Grana had a chance from Memphis De Pai, broken from the left to spin with the right. Cause Inaki Peña to throw the ball out of the back.

Played up to the 57th minute. Barca had a chance when Sergio Busques hit the focus. But still did not pass the hand of Inaki Peña. Who brushed the UFABET ball over the crossbar.

The next 62 minutes.

The new host Adama Traore opened and was blocked in the direction of Jordi Alba. Shooting a little over the crossbar.

Then, in the 72nd minute. Barcelona came forward again through Adama Traore, dragging a cut from the right, shooting with the left off the far post.

Azul Grana, like no luck, in the 75th minute. Adama Traore opened from the right, Pedry hit the way Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, somersault, shot, not full into the way of Frenkie de Young charges the ball into the pole.

In the 78th minute, Galatasaray sent the ball into the net when the substitute Bafetimbi Gomis missed a shot. But was caught offside by the referee

The game ended up being tied 0-0. We must continue to win in the second match in Turkey next week.