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How does the urinary system work?

The urinary system functions to filter waste that is not necessary for the body from the blood and removes water, salt, and toxins from the body in the form of urine. Which consists of the following organs: Diseases related to the urinary system that may be

Benefits of eating bananas in the morning.

Bananas are a fruit rich in carbohydrates and natural sugars. Carbohydrates are nutrients that provide energy to the body. In addition, some of the carbohydrates in bananas are in the form of dietary fiber that can be digested slowly. Therefore, eating bananas in the morning helps you

Safety of using honey.

Experimenting with eating or applying honey to the skin expecting benefits in curing which disease? However, it should be safe to use. Both for adults and children aged 1 year and up. But don’t forget to consider safety when using it in the following cases.

The amount of protein your body needs per day.

The amount of protein your body needs per day depends on your age, gender, health, weight, physical activity habits and daily activities. This determines how many calories you should get each day. Healthy women generally need at least 50 grams of protein per day, and

3 ways to stimulate freshness in the morning

In the morning I had to endure the agony of sleepiness. Most people choose to solve their problems with a cup or two of coffee. Although drinking two cups of coffee a day will not damage your health much, if you choose coffee with milk and sugar. Might gain weight and worry about

10 benefits of “pineapple” that you may not know about

In addition to having a sweet and sour taste, refreshing, juicy, and also being so affordable that you can almost buy and eat it every day, ” pineapple ”  also has benefits that many people may not have known about. After reading, you’ll want to eat it often. 10

6 forbidden foods for period cramps

period cramps A monthly agony that many women face. Whoever is lucky will have less pain. Just enough to feel But for people who are in severe pain, they will almost certainly writhe on the floor. Believe it or not, certain foods and drinks can affect the stomach pains of

9 types of vegetables that are not recommended to be eaten raw

Although vegetables are foods that are beneficial to the body And it is something that the body cannot live without. Because vegetables provide enormous amounts of good nutrients to the body. However, eating vegetables should be eaten correctly. Especially eating raw vegetables It is considered prohibited for some types of

10 vegetables high in calcium Strengthen your bones

Any girls who have bone problems? or want to strengthen bones In addition to giving importance to drinking milk each day, It is recommended to focus on eating vegetables that are high in calcium. We have collected 10 types of vegetables that provide high calcium to the body to