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9 types of vegetables that are not recommended to be eaten raw

Although vegetables are foods that are beneficial to the body And it is something that the body cannot live without. Because vegetables provide enormous amounts of good nutrients to the body. However, eating vegetables should be eaten correctly. Especially eating raw vegetables It is considered prohibited for some types of

10 vegetables high in calcium Strengthen your bones

Any girls who have bone problems? or want to strengthen bones In addition to giving importance to drinking milk each day, It is recommended to focus on eating vegetables that are high in calcium. We have collected 10 types of vegetables that provide high calcium to the body to

7 benefits of kale The best green leafy vegetables for health

Variety of delicious menus There’s always kale in the dish. The menu that many people often hear when eating at an a la carte restaurant is probably stir-fried kale with salted fish. Because in addition to being a menu that invites you to eat deliciously, It also gives you

How to eat “calcium” to truly benefit your bones?

If you buy calcium supplements to eat to nourish your bones. You must eat correctly to get results. UFABET Health has information from Assoc. Prof. Dr. Phongsak Yuktanan, Chulalongkorn Hospital, Thai Red Cross Society to share with you. What is calcium? Calciums is the most common