Karim Benzema guilty of blackmailing of ex-teammate Mathio Valbuena

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A court found Karim Benzema guilty of blackmailing a sex tape of ex-teammate Mathio Valbuena. That will be with a one-year prison sentence and a hefty fine.

Benzema was sentenced to court in Versailles.  The France Sentenced to 1 year imprisonment with a suspended sentence.  And a fine of 75,000 euros, or about 2.7 million baht, for conspiring to blackmail a former teammate with a sex tape. This is a case that has occurred since 2015. That Prosecutors say Benzema tried to pressure Valbuena to pay a person who blackmailed a sex tape during his stint with the France squad six years ago.

In a conspiracy to act as a mediator. Although the famous striker of Real Madrid has always denied the allegations. He insisted that he was just trying to help his former teammates get rid of the video in the most compromising way possible.

Benzema, who was one of five people tried in court last month. It is expected to start as usual for Real Madrid ‘s clash. With Sheriff in the Champions League on Wednesday. 

Karim Benzema guilty of blackmailing of ex-teammate Mathio Valbuena

Meanwhile, Noel Le Grat, president of the French Football Federation. It was made clear three weeks ago that any ruling by the court would not affect Benzema’s service for the national team. That meaning the 33-year-old will be ready for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar by the end of the next year for sure.

 After returning to the national team by leading the team to win the UEFA Nations League in October.  So far, nine goals in 11 games have been scored since returning to the national team.

Benzema has always denied the allegations. And insisted he was only trying to help Valbuena get rid of the compromising video.

He has since returned to the France team and is expected to start for Real Madrid on Wednesday night. When they play FC Sheriff Tiraspol in the Champions League.