Lionel Messi has given Pedro in player for the 2021 Copa Trophy.

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Sport reports that Lionel Messi has given full marks to Pedro in selecting a player for the 2021 Copa Trophy.

The Barcelona midfielder picked up the 2021 Copa Trophy, or Young Player of the Year, hosted by France Football on Monday. which is the same show as the Ballon d’Or.

Sport has revealed that Messi’s footballer vote, with the Spanish media saying the Argentinian gave Pedro a three-point total.

Next is Nuno Mendes, left-back, Paris team-mate. Saint-Germain received two points, while
Dortmund midfielder Jude Bellingham received a single point from seven-time Ballon d’Or holders.

For the 19-year-old Pedry has done an excellent job in the past season. The Spaniard played alongside Messi in the Barcelona first team and helped the club win the Copa del Rey.

Those fiascos to repetition led him in 2016, after losing the final on penalties against Chile, in a shoot-out in which he missed his shot, even led Messi to announce his retirement from the national team. Before turning back in his decision a few months later.

At the Copa América-2021 in Brazil, which had been postponed for a year by the pandemic, Messi led the ‘Albiceleste’ to the title, defeating Seleçao 1-0 in the final. A success on which his seventh Ballon d’Or has been built.

On this occasion, it was not their performance at the club level that ended up deciding the journalists’ vote. His first part of the year at Barcelona. With which he only won the Copa del Rey, was not at the level of previous seasons and his beginnings in Paris. After signing for PSG in August, have been more difficult than expected.