Lopetegui aims to make history with Sevilla

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Coach Julen Lopetegui the 55 year old is set to lead Sevilla to Atletico Madrid on Sunday. With Sevillano needing one more point to secure a place in the Champions League for three years in a row.

Sevilla coach Julen Lopetegui has confirm his determination to lead Sevillano to Champions League qualification. Behind Real Madrid, Barcelona and Atletico Madrid ahead of the game. Face the Atletico team this Sunday. This will mark the club’s history of playing at major European competitions for three years in a row. According to Mundo Deportivo UFABET on Saturday. 

Sevilla are in fourth place with 66 points, five points ahead of Real Betis, with Sevillano needing just one more point to secure Champions League berth ahead of Sunday’s trip to Atletico Madrid. And has a queue to play the end of the season with Athletic Bilbao. 

‘The team is doing well, excited to face the end of the season with maximum energy. With a thirst to make history and play a good match against one of the best teams you can find.’ Lopetegui said ahead of Atletico’s game. 

Asked about his future at Sevillano after being booed by supporters in the last 0-0 draw with Mallorca. The 55-year-old replied: ‘I’m not going to analyze things that are out of our control hair. You have to concentrate on what you can do. All I can do is give the team the confidence. And the best atmosphere so they can compete.’

‘You have to isolate yourself from everything that doesn’t let you do your job well. We have to live with this backdrop. That’s what we must try to do. The rest is part of the football scene.’