Pep and City reinforce the number 1 in the world

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Isn’t it too late to congratulate Manchester City and Pep Guardiola on becoming legends after beating Inter Milan to win the Treble?

It was the first treble in 24 years for a representative from the team. England since Sir Alex Ferguson did it for Manchester United in 1999, โปรโมชั่น ufabet

“Sailboats” established themselves as the eighth team in Europe to win the treble. (domestic league, domestic cup and UCL)

following the generations like Celtic (1967), Ajax (1972), PSV (1988), Manchester United (1999), Barcelona. Lona (2009), Inter Milan (2010), Bayern (2013), Barcelona (Round 2, 2015), Bayern (Round 2, 2020) If “sailing” is like a

woman A beautiful girl who walked anywhere, only a young man sneak peek.

It is an affirmation of “really beautiful” and officially recognized….which is more elegant than the “pretty”

flattery. that the players suddenly tense themselves like that

In that tension, I instead see that it comes from the “tense” way of playing from the Inter side that uses underdog textbooks like many teams.

That is to say, there are both heavy balls and fast approaches until the “City” players start to fidget and cannot play.

However, I would also like to compliment the “way of the ball” of Inter players, especially the defensive lines that have done their homework very well, that the characteristics of the way of playing of the opposite players are good.

A not-so-good sign, or ominous for City, is that Kevin De Bruyne has been injure in the first half of the hour.

The first image that popped into my head was the final loss to Chelsea two years ago. KDB had a bulge under their eyes from a collision with Rudiger.