6 forbidden foods for period cramps

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period cramps A monthly agony that many women face. Whoever is lucky will have less pain. Just enough to feel But for people who are in severe pain, they will almost certainly writhe on the floor. Believe it or not, certain foods and drinks can affect the stomach pains of women who are on their menstruation. It may result in stomach pain to the point where you can hardly stand up or you will have emotions that can fluctuate almost every minute. These symptoms can also occur from eating certain foods. Let’s have a look. What kind of food has been eaten? that will have a negative effect on the body and should be avoided very much during the period when girls During menstruation

lean meat

Girls who are on their menstrual period cramps You should stay away from fatty meats. Because most animal fats are almost all saturated fats. This saturated fat is what causes pain and inflammation. Especially if you already have menstrual pain. And the more fatty meat you eat, with the saturated fat in meat, the worse the symptoms will be. Therefore, I don’t want to have menstrual cramps that I can’t stand. You should avoid fatty meats and eat less fatty meats, such as fish. โปรโมชั่น ufabet

ice cream

Many people may have heard that during menstruation you cannot eat ice cream. The reason why you should avoid eating ice cream during menstruation is because Ice cream is made from milk. And milk has a high fat content. This will have the same effect as eating lean meat if eaten during menstruation. In addition, whether it is butter, cream, cheese or food that contains cream and cheese. It can make menstrual pain worse. Therefore, it is best to avoid those containing milk ingredients.

processed food

Processed foods, although they are convenient to eat, But for people who are currently menstruating Processed food is one thing that should be avoided. Especially foods that are high in sodium because they can cause bloating and discomfort. Therefore, avoid processed food and eat fresh food. Low sodium is better


For people who are addicted to coffee Avoiding coffee or other caffeinated beverages is the hardest thing to do, but it must be done. Drinking caffeinated beverages during your period can make menstrual cramps worse. And it also makes it difficult to sleep. and more depressed moods as well But if you really want to drink It would be better to change to drinking tea. Because some types of tea do not contain caffeine. Or if there is, the amount is less than coffee.


Many people feel the urge to eat sweets when they’re on their menstruation. But eating sweets during your period will make your menstrual symptoms worse. Although sugary desserts can help you feel good, But it was only a short period of time. Because after that, these desserts will make you have more menstrual cramps than before. If you really want to eat dessert It is recommended to eat more fruit.

alcoholic beverages

Drinking alcohol during menstruation can make menstrual symptoms worse. It also results in extreme menstrual cramps because alcohol has the same effect as blood-thinning drugs. and increases blood circulation that is the cause of a feeling of compression and discomfort These symptoms will start to occur after you drink it. If you don’t want your menstruation to be so bad that you can’t do anything. Avoid it and instead drink hot tea.