The amount of protein your body needs per day.

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The amount of protein your body needs per day depends on your age, gender, health, weight, physical activity habits and daily activities. This determines how many calories you should get each day. Healthy women generally need at least 50 grams of protein per day, and men about 60 grams. However, if you eat foods high in protein, you may get more than that. People with certain health problems. Such as kidney disease, may need protein in an amount different from normal UFABET 

Protein sources to choose and avoid.

The type of protein you eat plays a huge role in maintaining your overall health. Good protein nutrients that nutritional experts recommend eating include sources from fish, duck meat, chicken, various types of beans, as well as less refined grains that provide both protein and dietary fiber. In addition, adding protein from supplementary plants. Such as Soy foods are another good option. Because it provides in an amount comparable to meat and is a source of healthy fats as well.

For those who are losing weight Eating good protein also helps you feel fuller for longer. And it has a positive effect on muscles that will gradually lose as we get older. However, eat only a small amount of pork and beef. Avoid fat from lean meats. Including processed such as sausage, bacon, and ham because in addition to making it difficult to lose or maintain body weight if eaten frequently, it also has a negative effect on the body. It may be related to the risk of developing diabetes. cardiovascular disease as well as colon cancer